Thursday, August 20, 2009

Enjoying the Challenge of Making Art

I'm struggling with the creation of a collograph print with color that will come from chine colle applications. In that process you apply various colored papers of appropriate weight -- instead of ink -- to provide color and texture to the image. The Totem art on this blog was created that way. This is still another approach to a less toxic printmaking technique and also quite satisfying. But it's still quite exacting and not easy to make multiples....I'm working at it and enjoying the challenge. I've created a mask that will cover one part of the image so I can apply background color without impacting the central image. Then the various papers will be positioned so that each adheres to the print paper. Here's the challenge: what kind of print paper will do best? What color ink will function with the papers? I'll post it when it's to my liking.

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