Monday, May 30, 2011

Art for Art's Sake

For Art's Sake why don't more people in south central Pennsylvania turn out for art events? In this part of Franklin County we have kept the doors open on weekends at a small gallery where quality paintings, prints, water colors, photography, and weaving are on display. They don't sell! In fact they can't sell because often not a person walks in the door. We have a big sign on the street, we have notices in the paper, and we've even tied the display into our town's First Friday. But the local people don't even seem curious enough to walk in the door, let alone buy. So we artists go on creating art for art's sake. Any comments? Explanations?

Why Doesn't Business Support Single Payer

It's hard to understand why corporations (burdened by ever-increasing health care costs) haven't been loud supporters of single payer health care plans. During the sixties and seventies the big corporations did push for joint agreements with labor unions for more government involvement in providing health care coverage. But now, with unions not as strong, they have abandoned that support. This essay on the Healthcare Now website has some insights worth considering.