Monday, November 21, 2011

Taxes Get You Services

Montgomery County and the District of Columbia do have higher taxes than Franklin County Pa. but what teerrrific services you get in exchange. Wonderful and diverse programming in the recreation and parks programs for seniors, kids and all ages. And, most of it is free or at little cost. Excellent library services including on-line access to E books. We are a little taken aback at the poor quality of the streets and roads--assume that part of that is related to the constant digging up for new cables etc.

After a wonderful "welcome back" party in my old neighborhood in Shepherd Park, I learned about a program to help early readers at Shepherd School--the school my daughters attended. Read with a wonderful third grade boy originally from El Salvador. Bright as can be and the "translator" for his family.

Wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good, the bad and the ugly! The Good! active streets, many kinds of people from all over the world, great restaurants (we might get really fat), easy access to art and music, terrific garbage pickup, light filled apartment. The Bad! incredibly bureaucratic and expensive process to get our auto license and new driver's license. The fear of terrorists and worry over illegal immigration requires navigating a silly and complex maze of regulations. The Ugly! terrible traffic and, I suppose, because of the budget squeeze very poorly repaired streets. Nonetheless glad to be here although we do miss our buddies in Pennsylvania.

First exhibit I took part in I sold a print and am now preparing to apply for membership in the Washington Printmakers.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Type Went Fast, Press Still Here

Moving is a nightmare, particularly sad when breaking up two studios...still available my press (see photo) and my husband's power hammer and compressor. I really appreciated the kind farewells from members and staff of the Area Agency on Aging for Franklin County and from my fellow students of Spanish. Hope they really do intend to visit me after the move. Interested in either item? email me:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Press for Sale and Type Giveaway

I have a Blick Master Etch press for sale with very good condition blankets mounted on an excellent welded steel frame. It's listed on Briar Press along with an offer of free cases of type. see photo at right.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

City Mouse Returns From the Country

Faithful followers: we're giving up the country life and moving back to the DC area. Not that we didn't love the many friends we made, the artists we met, and the good times with fellow Democrats. We loved it all. But it's getting harder and harder to care for the four acres and we do miss the easy access to music and museums. As if to make us doubt our decision two small deer, orphaned no doubt, have taken up residence and entertain us daily and humming birds and yellow finch have discovered our sunflowers and cleomes. We'll have to rely on the aboretum after this.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Art for Art's Sake

For Art's Sake why don't more people in south central Pennsylvania turn out for art events? In this part of Franklin County we have kept the doors open on weekends at a small gallery where quality paintings, prints, water colors, photography, and weaving are on display. They don't sell! In fact they can't sell because often not a person walks in the door. We have a big sign on the street, we have notices in the paper, and we've even tied the display into our town's First Friday. But the local people don't even seem curious enough to walk in the door, let alone buy. So we artists go on creating art for art's sake. Any comments? Explanations?

Why Doesn't Business Support Single Payer

It's hard to understand why corporations (burdened by ever-increasing health care costs) haven't been loud supporters of single payer health care plans. During the sixties and seventies the big corporations did push for joint agreements with labor unions for more government involvement in providing health care coverage. But now, with unions not as strong, they have abandoned that support. This essay on the Healthcare Now website has some insights worth considering.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Bernie Sanders Offers Common Sense Solutions

Senator Bernie Sanders(D-Vt)appeared on The Daily Show to promote his book, a compilation of his remarks during his recent filibuster on the Senate floor. The dialogue is instructive to anyone insterested in common sense solutions to our nation's problems.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Republicans live in a fantasy world where all young women are virgins and all young men responsible providers. In the Republican world only “immigrants” do drugs, only minorities carry weapons to kill; gays and lesbians are all willing perverts, and everyone who wants to work can get a good job. A job will give them access to doctors, dentists and pharmaceuticals if they need them.

The fantasy world can be seen by reading some bumper stickers: “I’m doing my part to fight the recession, I WORK!” says one self satisfied trucker.

“Young women stay chaste. Young men be sober minded” (at least there’s an implication that they might not be.)

“Your taxes pay for their welfare”, reads another (I guess forgetting the tax breaks for the rich and the tax breaks for the oil and gas industries. And forgetting that there is no more welfare.)

“Global Warming is a crock of…..” This usually from people who also “want to preserve the future for our grandchildren.”

Their fantasies would be amusing if these slogans didn’t form the basis for public policy.

Then there are the hateful bumper stickers: “US hunting license for illegal immigrants,” and one about President Obama’s re-election bid that is too disgusting to repeat.

I keep wondering: “what kind of world do these people want to live in?”

The facts are that even people with jobs don’t have health insurance, or have health insurance so diluted that the costs of going to a doctor make it a luxury reserved for serious emergencies. Those occur after illnesses like hypertension and diabetes don’t receive early detection.

The facts are that young people are sexually active in their early teens. And they need access to birth control information and the truth about sexually transmitted diseases and how to prevent them.

The fact is that thousands of gay couples would love to marry and to adopt children but some states bar them from doing so and thereby deny children a loving home. The fact is that sexual perversions are rife among heterosexuals (including priests and ministers).

The fact is that popular culture, whether it’s an ad for Victoria’s Secret or an evening at the Grammy awards, or Dancing with the Stars, promotes vulgarity and sexual behavior in public. So who are these guys kidding?

It’s time for the Republicans to “get real” and base policy initiatives on the world as it is not as they wish it were.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back from the Depths

I missed the snow, the cold, the wind and the ice by hiding out in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Had some wonderfulscuba dives (see photos)and a great chance to try to capture Rincon's incomparable sunsets and the Caribbean Ocean. When I get back to my print shop I'll see if I suceeded. Not only did I have to deal with the cold when I returned but the drive by our new Republican governor to cut the budgets of state universities and social service organizations, while refusing to tax corporations extracting gas from the Marcellus shale.